Interior Designing draws on long amazingly rich traditions and inspirations. More than 2000 years ago, ancient Romans had developed highly sophisticated architectural and decorative art forms that were widely used not only in public buildings but also in private homes of leading citizens. It reflected the population’s value, philosophy and love of beauty and comfort. The amazing frescoes and incredibly refined mosaics used to decorate the living quarters of the wealthy are still visible to date in the ruins of the ancient Roman homes. Keeping up this tradition of redefining interiors every time we keep in mind the client desire,thoughts and ideas for making it reality. We provide complete design solution for residence, office, showrooms, Montessori schools and all other areas of work in Kolkata as well other parts of the country. Key aspects of our work are:-

  • Measurement of site
  • Meeting with client
  • Preparation of Layout / Plan
  • Finalization of Layout / Plan
  • Preparation of 2D / 3D design